Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Tutorial : A natural/neutral look.

Hi guys! I finally got around to doing another tutorial! It's one that was asked about (I wore it in my haul video... which I realized I never shared on here... so I'll post that up later on lol)...

It's a very natural look... DEFINITELY toned down... practical for work/office setting.

Anywhoo-- hope you guys like it! (=


Anastasia Highlighter in "Camille"
MAC Brow Finisher "Wheat"
MAC Royal Assets: 6 Metallic Eyes:
- Creme Royale (for the lid)
- Manor (for the crease)
MAC Blanc Type e/s (for highlight)
Black liquid liner (I used Revlon)
MAC Gentle Shimmer slimshine (le)
MAC Russian Red lipstick
MAC Brick lip pencil

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New video: 10,000k+ subs! Upcoming contest & new stuff I got

I seriously need to update my blog more.. I suck at it! I promise I'll be better. I think I'll start posting a bit more other stuff on here other than what I just post on YouTube... and that's how it started... but then I got lazy.. yadda yadda.. lol.

Anyway-- this vid is just a quick lil update... watch it.. I'll be having a contest soon... I dunno details yet of what I'm gonna have ya'll do... but TRUST that the prizes will be dope.. and I want all of you to enter!

I wanted to write more in here b/c I haven't updated... but I's 1am and im sleepy. lol. I think I'll do another post tomorrow with the stuff I picked up today at CVS.

Talk to you guys soon! <333