Wednesday, January 28, 2009

KRYOLAN eye dust swatches!! woooo!!

So guess what came in the mail today guys?!? KRYOLAN!! yayyyyy!! I am SO stoked to play around with these and come up with some looks to share with you all! I seriously did a happy dance when I saw this in the mail. lol. They are soo gorgeous... very vibrant & pigmented. Definitely love at first sight!

I got it from Amy.. better known as Shrinkle! You can order from here by going to her site here: She is the sweetest person, so if you're looking to get some Kryolan, she is your gal!

On to the swatches of all the eye dusts I got.. Oh, and for the actual skin swatches, I used a lighter base so my skintone wouldn't effect it as much. They were also applied with MAC's 228 brush. These were taken with flash.


1ST ROW: Cranberry Red, Orange, Pink Satin, Cotton Candy Pink, Raspberry Pink, Pink Sunset, Violet Shimmer
2ND ROW: Bronze, Gold, Mint, Emerald, Robins Egg Blue, Smoky Blue, Sapphire, Midnight Blue
3RD ROW: Pearl, Silver, Gunmetal Gray, Oil Slick Black


(keep in mind these are taken with flash! they look a bit washed out.. so picture these, but more vibrant. =D)

The Above is the 1ST ROW & 3RD ROW together.


Hope you enjoyed this swatch post! I am lagging on the BFTE swatches.. I'll try to do that tomorrow.

xoxo / suzy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Possible tutorial?? Colour Ready/Cirque Du Soleil Inspired

So When Christine ( posted this promo picture for the upcoming MAC collection "Colour Ready"... I KNEW I had to try to copy it! After I was done... I really didn't like how the original looked on me... the whole lip thing was just weird. lol. So I ended up just adding pink eyeshadow in representation of the girl's lips.. then part of it turned this purple color. SOOO, of course I had to add my favorite purple EVAR (mufe #92... like you even had to ask haha.)

On twitter I called it my "Colour Ready" look gone "Cirque Du Soleil"... Josh ( called me a clown hooker. hahaha. I totally feel like one... especially because I never took off this hot pink lipstick. It kinda has this tropical vibe on crack. haha

Here is the original picture, followed by what I ended up with... We'll see if I record a tutorial for this one... I think it may just be too OTT?
And here is what I ended up with....

What do you guys think?



Monday, January 26, 2009

Nail tutorial: Easy Valentine's Day Red Nails

Hey guys! I did a nail tutorial of my nails in my last video (in the post below this one if you haven't watched it already.)

Hope you like it! It's sooo easy to do, and looks dope as hell after you're done! Definitely "pro nails" status... anyone know where that's from? haha.

Anyway, Happy Monday everyone! <3

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tutorial: The Natural / "I'm going on an Interview" look.

This picture was from when I initially did the look last September.

MAC Blanc Type
MAC Soft Brown
MAC Sketch
MAC Carbon *optional*
Ardell "Demi Wispies" eyelashes

Long Time, No Post...

So I haven't done a tutorial nor post in here in awhile... I try to do a tutorial at least once a week, but gaww, sometimes I get so laaaazy! Anywhoo-- I tried to sit down and do a tag video on my top 6 lip products (I decided to try to use my webcam since it has auto focus on it.)

Si pues, my attempt was unsuccessul because:
1) I couldn't even find the lip products I wanted to show lol.
2) I was too bored/add st@tus to do it anyway. haha

So I leave you with this video of me... I uploaded it onto my non-makeup youtube just because I didn't want everything thinking I was nuts! I ended up putting it as the featured video on my macNC40 channel though... haha.

Well here it is... hope you get some kind of laugh from it. I'll try to record a video (a real one lol) tomorrow... or well, later today because it's 3:18 in the morning here.

Oh, and BTW, here is the addy for the YouTube channel I uploaded it on: (this is the channel where i upload most of the non-beauty related ISH.)

xox suzy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video Tutorial: Flammable Red Seduction

So I was kinda stuck on what look I could make up next... I wanted to use some of the new Beauty From The Earth products I recently got so I just kept staring at them all trying to figure it out lol. I decided to go for a Red look because I never EVER wear reds (never even tried) so I thought, 'HEY, no day, but today' right? lol. Not to mention I got this gorrrrgeous dark metallic red (BFTE Isis)... I think if anyone feels a bit weird wearing red, they should check out this color because HOT DAMN, I like it a lot! lol.

Here are pictures:

Here is the video!

MAC Flammable paint
MAC Baby Petals (Heatherette Trio 2, the lightest color)
MAC Sea Me shadestick
MAC Peacocky glitterliner
BFTE Seduction
BFTE Whisper

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tutorial: Daytime Browns with a Turquoise Twist!

I finally uploaded the tutorial for the blue/brown look you guys wanted to see! I included swatches of the eyeshadows & a pic of the "Manor" just incase you wanted to know so you could try to dupe it.

Manor is the bottom right eyeshadow.

L-R: Manor by itself, Manor on top of Blue Peep f/l, Jewel Blue on top of Blue Peep f/l, Jewel Blue by itself


MAC Blue Peep fluidline
MAC Jewel Blue eyeshadow
MAC Manor (Metallic Eyes; Holiday '07 palette)
MAC Soft Brown e/s
MAC Aquadisiac e/s
MAC Shroom e/s
MAC Carbon

MAC Synched Up 3D glass

XOXO suzy

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beauty From The Earth minerals are hereee

Sooooo guess what came in the mail yesterday?? I got my Beauty From The Earth package. WooHooooo!

It took me forever to figure out what colors I wanted, but I think I made good choices... I needed one more color, but I couldn't decide so I asked Leesha, and she said her favorite was Whisper... so I got that one.

I'll be doing swatches for you guys and probably a couple tuts using some of them... but I just wanted to write up a quick post and show you a couple pix just cuz they're so sparkley/shimmery.

Click on the pictures to enlarge and see all it's sparkley-ness. lol

Colors (in order):
Isis, Antique, Crush, Jealousy
Chocolate, Rockstar, Heat, Dusty Rose, Whisper
Seduction, Rome, Grape, Illusion, Gem

I'll probably be using some of these when I go out tonight so I'll try to take some good pictures beforehand to post for you guys.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Tutorial: Hot Pink Rainbow Eyes

First off, I just wanna say thanks to everyone for all the input about the last look I posted about! I will definitely put it up for you guys! I won't be posting it up right away just because the last tutorial was a blue look... so in the meantime I came up with another one to put up.

It's a Rainbow look... definitely my first ever... what I like about this look (and mainly any rainbow look in general) is that they look like it's complicated/time constraining to do... but in reality it's a rather simple process. Like I said in the description box for this video, if you can pat on color, and do the "windshield wiper" blending motion... you will have NO problem re-creating this.

Anywhoo-- on to the tutorial & a few pictures afterwards. Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate all the comments & read them all (even if I don't get a chance to reply back.)

MAC Crimsonaire Shadestick
MAC Bright Fucshia pigment
MAC Rule eyeshadow
MAC Melon pigment
MAC Foolish Me blush
MAC Ricepaper e/s
MAC Sea Me Shadestick
MUFE #92 e/s
L'Oreal HIP Duo Flamboyant (the Gold color)
L'Oreal HIP Duo Showy (Parrot dupe)

MAC Lollipop Lovin' lipstick
MAC Sock Hop lipglass

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Possible tutorial & MAC 25%off sale/BBR collection

So I finally found my camera (yes, this is the 2nd time I lost it in my room lol) so that means more tutorials... YAY! I tried doing one today... it was one for that look I did when I went to MAC... for some reason I'm not really feeling it though... I don't know if it's just cuz I've been feeling 'ehh' lately or what. haha.

Let me know your thoughts on this... should I keep it as just a FOTD with these pictures or do you think I should upload the tutorial for it??? EHHH I dunno.. hahah

OH!! and is anyone else pissed about how the Blond Brunette Redhead collection is coming out FRIDAY on the website while their damn sale ends on THURSDAY?! ARGHHH!! So freaking wack. Damn you MAC. lol.

On to a couple pictures of the look. Please give your honest opinion! Thanks guys! If I do decide to upload this one, I think I'll wait awhile because I've been doing blue/cool looks lately and I don't want everyone to be like, "not another blue lookkkkkkk"... lol

suzy <333 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Slideshow of Makeup Looks I've done...

Hey guys! So I still can't find my camera (lol)... it's lost in my room somewhere... Well, I really haven't tried looking to hard for it (I promise I will today though)... so I made a slideshow of most of the looks I've taken pictures of from before... so here it is. (=