Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video Tutorial: Flammable Red Seduction

So I was kinda stuck on what look I could make up next... I wanted to use some of the new Beauty From The Earth products I recently got so I just kept staring at them all trying to figure it out lol. I decided to go for a Red look because I never EVER wear reds (never even tried) so I thought, 'HEY, no day, but today' right? lol. Not to mention I got this gorrrrgeous dark metallic red (BFTE Isis)... I think if anyone feels a bit weird wearing red, they should check out this color because HOT DAMN, I like it a lot! lol.

Here are pictures:

Here is the video!

MAC Flammable paint
MAC Baby Petals (Heatherette Trio 2, the lightest color)
MAC Sea Me shadestick
MAC Peacocky glitterliner
BFTE Seduction
BFTE Whisper


Lynda (abitnerdy) said...

Girl this look is FIERCE! It looks sooooo good =) I love it! I don't ever wear red either ... but you made this look quite nice so i'm gonna have to start using some red e/s now haha. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next makeup look =]



Liz said...

You just made me want a whole BUNCH of BFTE shadows! This is breathtaking... you look great in red. Isis is a hell of a color!

Vanessa M. said...

looks like xmas! hehe very cute indeed!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow you have the best brightest looks!

imee said...

i never would have thought to put a red with a teal-ish color like that together... really awesome outcome!

A. Rose said...

What an interesting color combo, but you pull it off so well! New follower! :)

Running The Circus: Ginger said...

Damn Suzy, this is beautiful! Red eyeshadow is hit or miss, it's either stunning or you look sick, lol. This is absolutely stunning, great job :)

TML <3 said...

WOW!! your clever, it looks beautiful, really :)

giggleness said...

it looks great!

bbdannica86 said...

i love it:)

laura jane said...

i love dark red eyeshadows, u know your make up.
plus you make it look so easy,
keep up the hawt fashion looks!