Thursday, December 8, 2011

Makeup tutorial: Green & Gold Pop! (Holiday Inspired look #2)

Hi guys!

So I'm back with my second look for the Holidays. I wanted to go ahead and do a reverse look of the first Holiday look I did. If you haven't seen that yet, you can check that out here. Next Holiday tutorial I'm thinking something in the icey blue/violet family... maybe some sparkle as well!  My favorite thing about this look is the gold liner by Urban Decay.  LOVE IT!  Hope you guys enjoy the look!

Also, keep an eye out for a new video soon!  Next to be uploaded is either a Tag video, or a Haul!



MAC Feline eye kohl (smudgable black eyeliner)
MAC Emerald pigment
MAC Gold Dusk pigment
MAC Soft Brown or Texture e/s
Urban Decay Foxy e/s (Naked 2 palette)
Urban Decay El Dorado 24/7 liquid liner
Lash Royalty Luxe-2 eyelashes

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Peach Passion (just a dab)
NARS Giza lipgloss

xox suz.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Glitter Glam! (Holiday inspired look)

Hi guys!

I'm back with another makeup tutorial.  This is a look inspired by the Holidays.  I think I'll be doing maybe 2-3 more Holiday type looks-- so stay tuned for that!  I really LOVE the gold glitter that I'm using!  I had bought quite a few Eye Kandy glitters during IMATS, and I haven't gotten a chance to use the more toned down ones I have.. and holy cow I'm so glad I did.  This is my NEW FAVE right now! It's gorgeous on any skintone.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Anyway, hope you like this look.. and if you have any requests, please leave them on my facebook page! Especially if you have any pictures you want me to recreate! =)

On to the pictures! Do you guys like it better with, or without the red lipstick??



Inglot - #352 (brown)
Urban Decay - Half Baked e/s, Foxy e/s (Naked 2 palette), Covet 24/7 pencil
MAC - Jealousy eye kohl
Lash Royalty - Luxe 2 lashes
Sigma Beauty - Bunny collection brushes

MAC - Brick lip pencil
Giorgio Armani - #400 lipstick

xoxo / suzy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How To: Salon Effects nail tutorial. Super quick & easy to apply!

Hi guys!

I've uploaded a few videos since my last post, and here is my latest one! I bought the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips, and a few followers on Twitter requested a video on them-- so here it is!

Have you guys ever tried them?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Temptu contest: Win a trip to LA! Over 500 winners! BFF Backstage Beauty Adventure

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share this really cool contest where you can win a trip out here to LA! What I really liked about this contest is that after the grand prize winner, there will still be 5 first place winners, and then 500... you got it, 500 second place winners!

I made a video about the contest that you an watch here:

1 grand prize winner (trip to Hollywood, 3 nights, hotel, travel car, celebrity makeover, backstage pass to a TV show, and a year supply of makeup!! )
5 first place winners (Temptu makeup system & foundation air pod)
500 second place winners (Temptu Retouch blush)

Temptu makeup system:

Temptu Retouch blush:

Here's the link to Temptu's website & fanpage. You can find all the details there. Hope you guys enter!


For ALL details & to enter... visit Temptu at one of the sites below! Good luck if you enter! ;D

xox / suzy

New tutorial! Tropical Twist Paradise!

Hey guys!

Here's my next tutorial! I came up with this look when I was in New York last November, and then I ended up using the look again when I attended The Makeup Show here in Los Angeles. Hope you like it!

NYX eyeshadow base
Sugarpill "Poison Plum" e/s
Sugarpill "Dollipop" e/s
Inglot #46 (similar to pink opal) e/s
Inglot #372(aqua) e/s
Inglot #474 (yellow) e/s
Inglot #63(black) e/s
Blinc liquid eyeliner
Lash Royalty "Luxe-2" eyelashes

Inglot #543 lipgloss

Where to get the products mentioned above:
Sugarpill -
Inglot -
Blinc -
Lash Royalty -

Hope you guys liked it! Talk with you guys soon!

xox / suzy

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Bronzed Out!!

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, my friend Elessa (aka Pursebuzz), put together a beauty mixer a few weeks ago (dubbed BBC - Bows, Balloons, & Cupcakes) in San Diego. When I posted pictures from that day, I had a few people ask what I used/requested a tutorial. I ended up recreating this look for a birthday event... and decided to record myself so I could make a tutorial out of it!

Pictures of the look!


lauren, me before BCC

NYX eyeshadow base (not pictured in video)
Inglot #352 e/s
MAC Soft Brown e/s
Inglot #52 e/s
OCC Twirl loose colour (used wet-- I used MAC's mixing medium)
MAC Fascinating eye kohl
Inglot #30 e/s
MAC Slick Black greasepaint stick
Inglot #30 e/s
Inglot other brown (u can skip this)
Prestige Black liquid liner
Lash Royalty Luxe-2 eyelashes
MAC Clear brow wax

Jan Marini face primer
MAC NC35 studio finish concealer
MAC Medium Dark mineralized skin finish
MAC Harmony blush
Inglot pink blush
MAC Pearl Sunshine beauty powder

MAC Magenta lip pencil
OCC Anime lip tar

Websites for the products above!
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC):
Lash Royalty:
Jan Marini:

Some of the products used I received for consideration. Others I bought with my own money, or got them as presents! Regardless of how I get products, anything I use is badass. I won't show anything on here unless I like it!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for ALL the support/love you've shown me!!!

Please comment the video & let me know what you guys think about voiceovers!! I know it's echo-y so it's not the best voiceover in the world.... but of course if you guys don't mind it, I'll probably invest in a mic and do these from time to time! You probably know I get really busy (this shows through in my lack of video making lol) so recording myself just getting ready & doing a voiceover later increases my chances of putting videos up!

Anywhoo-- if you have any requests for looks.. please post of them on my facebook page! I started using that a lot more often now! You can visit that here:

Also, if you have Twitter, you can follow me there & tweet me pictures as well!

Take Care!! I'll be seeing you all soon again!

xox // suzy

PS. Haaad to share this hilarious video of Lauren spraying Elessa and I with HAIRSPRAY while we try to take a picture!

Monday, February 28, 2011

[NOW CLOSED] Giveaway for anyone in the Los Angeles area!

Hi guys!

I have a quick giveaway for anyone that's in the Los Angeles area!! I have 2 VIP tickets ($90 value) to give out for the TruckIt Fest! It's THIS Sunday (March 6th) from 11am-5pm at Union Station.

It'll have 40 yummy food trucks... as well as a bunch of cool things you can buy! You can read more about it here: TruckIt Fest

VIP tickets each include: Valet Parking, 10am admission, Private Lounge, No Waiting in Lines, & $10 food voucher.

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. However, if you're in the area, please still come out! It's only $5 to get in! :)


There are TWO ways of entering (YES, you can do both if you want!).

1) Leave a comment here on this blog entry.

2) Tweet the following (including the link at the end!): Win 2 VIP tickets for LA's TruckIt Fest for this Sunday. RT & follow @macNC40 to enter. More info:

**Remember, if your Twitter is PRIVATE/LOCKED I won't be able to see your tweet! & of course you have to be a follower ;)

Honestly, this is SO last minute.... so since the timeframe is SO short, there won't be many people entering (BETTER NEWS FOR YOU lol). Contest will close THURSDAY 11PM.

Here's the flyer about it!

Good luck! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Swatches: OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) products for Spring 2011!

Hi guys!

Hope all is well with everyone! I'm back with a post about OCC's (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) new line for Spring 2011! I actually have a few other products I want to post about, but I HAAAAD to put those on the back burner to show you guys these new goodies!! I really can't contain myself when I get OCC products in the mail. Right when I get their package, I rip it open & immediately start swatching/taking pictures. ;)

This spring line will be debuting at The Makeup Show here in Los Angeles on February 26-27th, 2011 and include 6 new shades of lip tars, 6 loose colour concentrates, and 6 new shades of nail lacquer! The new line includes colors that can be used by those who like a more of a 'work friendly' type of look, as well as those who eat/live/breathe bold intense colors!

Here is a bit of background on the inspiration for this spring line:
"A reaction to the HD makeup craze, OCC encourages makeup artists and enthusiasts alike to bring their palette back to hi-res basics, with a series of resolute shades that bring back focus to the wearer. ...The collection capitalizes on runway trends that feature either sharply defined eyes and neutral lips, or bold, bright lips and barely-there washes of colour on the eyes."

*You can click on the pictures to enlarge.**

LIP TAR: $13.00 USD

Bold peachy neutral
TONE: Slightly greyed mauvey pink
BETA: Vivid, almost neon orange
Blood orange red

ANALOG: Golden tobacco leaf brown
LO-FI: Mint green – a mixing must


ARTIFACT: Deep bronze with a subtle red shimmer
NOISE: Deep plum with pink/fuchsia shimmer
FLAWED: True old gold shimmer
HUM: Vibrant peach with strong pink shimmer
BITMAP: Hemp leaf green with subtle golden shimmer
DISTORTION: Deep, blackened navy shimmer

NAIL LACQUER: $8.00 (not pictured)

AV: Pale grey with multi-coloured glitter
BETA: Vibrant nearly neon orange
ECHO: Deep sea teal
FLAWED: T anorexic gold shimmer
RADIATE: Intense neon red
RX: Vivid primary blue

Unfortunately I do not have the nail lacquers to show you, but based on the description, I feel like I'd be a fan of them all!

I apologize for not having any actual skin swatches for the loose colours. I'll try to take some soon (I did take some, but I didn't like how they turned out-- they weren't really true to color).


LIP TAR: Interlace. Depending on your skin tone, Interlace (or Tone) lip tar would be a good fit for a plain lip while you really play up the eyes. On me, I like how Interlace looks! Another favorite is Beta. This color isn't for the timid! It's a wham-bam in your face kind of color and I LOVE it.

LOOSE COLOUR: I've noticed when it comes to loose shadows/pigments-- I duochromes catch my eye the most. This is no different! I love HUM! It is a gorgeous/intense peach that flashes with pink... ahhh so so pretty! It reminds me a bit of MAC's Motif eyeshadow, but of course-- MUCH better. Unfortunately I don't have that color (Motif) anymore to compare, so I'm just basing it on memory. I also really like Distortion. For some reason I don't wear navy colors too much-- but I think that'll get cut short now that I have this color. I can't wait to come up with looks combining both Hum & Distortion.

You can check out OCC's website at target="new"! Another OCC post will be coming up soon! I've been playing with the OCC Brushes for a quite some time now (both on myself and as well as clients) so I'll be sharing pictures of these & along with my comments.

These products were sent for consideration. Please know I will never EVER rave to you guys about a product I didn't love or wouldn't spend the money on! If you have any questions, please let me know!

xox, suzy.