Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Bronzed Out!!

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, my friend Elessa (aka Pursebuzz), put together a beauty mixer a few weeks ago (dubbed BBC - Bows, Balloons, & Cupcakes) in San Diego. When I posted pictures from that day, I had a few people ask what I used/requested a tutorial. I ended up recreating this look for a birthday event... and decided to record myself so I could make a tutorial out of it!

Pictures of the look!


lauren, me before BCC

NYX eyeshadow base (not pictured in video)
Inglot #352 e/s
MAC Soft Brown e/s
Inglot #52 e/s
OCC Twirl loose colour (used wet-- I used MAC's mixing medium)
MAC Fascinating eye kohl
Inglot #30 e/s
MAC Slick Black greasepaint stick
Inglot #30 e/s
Inglot other brown (u can skip this)
Prestige Black liquid liner
Lash Royalty Luxe-2 eyelashes
MAC Clear brow wax

Jan Marini face primer
MAC NC35 studio finish concealer
MAC Medium Dark mineralized skin finish
MAC Harmony blush
Inglot pink blush
MAC Pearl Sunshine beauty powder

MAC Magenta lip pencil
OCC Anime lip tar

Websites for the products above!
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC):
Lash Royalty:
Jan Marini:

Some of the products used I received for consideration. Others I bought with my own money, or got them as presents! Regardless of how I get products, anything I use is badass. I won't show anything on here unless I like it!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for ALL the support/love you've shown me!!!

Please comment the video & let me know what you guys think about voiceovers!! I know it's echo-y so it's not the best voiceover in the world.... but of course if you guys don't mind it, I'll probably invest in a mic and do these from time to time! You probably know I get really busy (this shows through in my lack of video making lol) so recording myself just getting ready & doing a voiceover later increases my chances of putting videos up!

Anywhoo-- if you have any requests for looks.. please post of them on my facebook page! I started using that a lot more often now! You can visit that here:

Also, if you have Twitter, you can follow me there & tweet me pictures as well!

Take Care!! I'll be seeing you all soon again!

xox // suzy

PS. Haaad to share this hilarious video of Lauren spraying Elessa and I with HAIRSPRAY while we try to take a picture!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm from the UK and remember visiting San Diego when I went to Cali years ago...just thought I'd mention it as your post brought back some nice memories :-)

Great blog, your swatches are so clear!

Amy xx

Cindy said...

Can you tell me please what is this wonderfull "silver 27" thing is? WOW! Good job, thanks for the video!

esha87 said...

Wow its simply great tutorial on Beauty Products. Makeup change your looks.