Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Time, No Post...

So I haven't done a tutorial nor post in here in awhile... I try to do a tutorial at least once a week, but gaww, sometimes I get so laaaazy! Anywhoo-- I tried to sit down and do a tag video on my top 6 lip products (I decided to try to use my webcam since it has auto focus on it.)

Si pues, my attempt was unsuccessul because:
1) I couldn't even find the lip products I wanted to show lol.
2) I was too bored/add st@tus to do it anyway. haha

So I leave you with this video of me... I uploaded it onto my non-makeup youtube just because I didn't want everything thinking I was nuts! I ended up putting it as the featured video on my macNC40 channel though... haha.

Well here it is... hope you get some kind of laugh from it. I'll try to record a video (a real one lol) tomorrow... or well, later today because it's 3:18 in the morning here.

Oh, and BTW, here is the addy for the YouTube channel I uploaded it on: (this is the channel where i upload most of the non-beauty related ISH.)

xox suzy


Laurin said...

LOL! You are so silly. Anywho, I think this may be mt favorite look so far. Can you please let us know what colors you used and how you applied them. Maybe you can do another video w/this exact look? Hope all is well! xoxo -Laurin