Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Tutorial: Island Paradise

Hey my lovely readers! I'm finally back with a tutorial! I actually recorded one for the look I wore in my IMATS Haul video... but the lighting ended up being all janky so I'm going to have to re-record it.

Last night my cousin came over, and I decided to mess around with makeup and do her eyes. I ended up doing a different look on each eye, and after I did the 2nd one, I was like "HMM... I like this look! I think I'm gonna do a tutorial on it!"

So here we are, this is a really bright look... I hope you guys like it.. and I really really apologize for not being consistent with blogging/doing tutorials. Forgive me? ;) lol

Here are a couple upclose and personal (lol) pictures of the look:

On to the tutorial:

MAC paint pot "Soft Ochre"
MUFE Flash Palette "Turquoise" (000) and "Leaf Green" (008)
Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Please refer to the video to see which exact colors used)
Calypso Minerals "Lime Lite" (yellow green)
Calypso Minerals "Bandana" (yellow)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner "Lust"
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
Bliss eyelashes (sorry I don't know the number of them =X)

Til next time!





i loveee this look! its gorgeous! reminds me of the tail of a peacock!! haert*

Miss Yaya said...

i love it and i love all the colors !!!

Anonymous said...

hi suzy,

can you tell me if there is a difference between using pressed mac pigments and unpressed? does pressed come out better, same or worse? thanks!

by the way, i love your color combinations!

L said...

wooooooowweeeeeee, this is defn a summer look! i'll have to do this one guuuuuuurl!

can't wait to meetcha in Oct!!! XO!

Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

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DaciaVu said...

B E A U T I F U L♥

Rachael said...

so pretty! i gotta know how do you take pix so it comes out nice and realistic. mine the flash changes the colors of my makeup :(

Marie8507 said...

I had to subscribe after seeing this look. Really excellent job.

Amy said...

DON'T ORDER FROM CALYPSO MINERALS! I ordered back in August after watching Cora's (Vintageortacky) video and was so excited. After getting the confirmation email, I never got anything else. I reported her to Etsy, which is why she's not on there anymore. Here we are in January 2010 and still no Rainbow Stacker or my $100. I am furious with this woman, whom I've sent numerous emails and messaged on Facebook before she deleted me. Don't let your other fans get scammed out of their money! JEN CROCKER kept my money and I got nothing but the run-around!

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

I'm SO sorry this happened to you Amy! I tried clicking on your profile to see if there was some way I could contact you.. but hopefully you see this. Please check my twitter for info about the matter! Someone sent me a link of Jen's blog and apparently she is addressing the situation. I hope everything works out for you... I had no idea this was going on.


Amy said...

I don't want you to feel guilty about the situation. It's not your fault how she runs her business, but I just wanted your fans to be aware. Thank you, though, for your concern. It was quite sweet of you. I was in contact with her a week ago, but unfortunately will probably have to take her to small claims court to sort it all out. I'll be sure to check out your twitter as well. Thanks again.


Evil Nelly said...

omg!! so gorgeous! i am gonna try this one soon!