Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Video: IMATS Haul!

Hi my lovely readers! First of all.. I just wanna take the time to say THANK YOU for following me on here... I really need to get on the ball to at least update this more frequently than YouTube... and I feel like with all the new stuff I got, I'll be able to! =D *fingers crossed*

Si pues, I did a mini poll on twitter yesterday, asking if you guys would rather see a tutorial first, or my IMATS Haul video... and the haul video won by a landslide! lol...

I'm thinking about doing swatches for you guys (of all the stuff I bought)... in addition to posting up the swatch pictures here-- Would you guys want to see the swatches in a video too ORRR is it just fine to leave it to my blog?

And one more thing, if we took pictures together, PLEASEEEE send it to me!! I may put it in a video, but if anything I have yet to blog about my IMATS experience, and I want to include pictures that I took with all of you!

You can email me at:

Thanks so much for sticking with me guys! On to the video!


Sharlene A [X3MZSHAR] said...

lol @ the part when you said "if you didnt get anything from mufe then I feel sorry for you" hahah. Anyway I wish I could've gone. But Guam is like a bajillion miles and dollars away haha. LUCKY YOU!

SodaPopFairy said...

Swatches would be great just on the blog!

idontknowmomo said...

I'm seriously DYING to get my hands on some of MUFEs Pure Pigments. Have you used yours yet?

Anonymous said...

thnxxx so much, i am adding u to my links list as well... geeez u do great makeup.. i love it. and yes those ALDO's on my page are pretty comfortable for the first 15 mins. then after that they are PAINFUL!