Sunday, June 21, 2009

IMATS!! a quick question! & TUTORIAL REQUESTS, GIMMEHH! lol

Okay so this isn't my full post about my IMATS experience... but I will say I had SOOOO much fun!

I'm not sure how many of the gals I took pictures with read this blog... but if you do, could you PUH-LEASEEEEE email me the pictures??? I did not take one single picture with anyone on camera, cuz I'm a dummy like that.. lol.

It was SOO great meeting so many of you all!

So yeah, I basically just wanted to post up an entry asking if anyone took pictures-- I'd like to include them in the video I'm going to post up about IMATS (if that's okay with you ;D) I'd love to see any pictures you took actually. =)

oh PS: TUTORIAL REQUESTS: If you guys ever see a look on a celeb, or in a mag, or online that you'd want someone to do a tutorial on, PLEASE LINK ME TO IT! I've realized it's easier/faster for me to get a tutorial out to you guys if I can just look at something and go from there.

Hope everyone who went had a great time! Look out for a real IMATS post.. I'll be putting one up when I get enough pictures from everyone.


suzy <3