Monday, June 8, 2009

VLOG: IMATS, Contest updates, Tutorial requests

HI BLOGGER BABES/DUDES!! I've missed you all so much! You all know I've been busy.. but this time I am honestly going to try to make an effort to do more videos... or at least update this more often!

If you haven't already watched it.. I did a VLOG talking about IMATS, my contest that I'm going to have, Tutorial requests, and more. Check it out!

Yes, I ammmm going to IMATS, so if you're going and see me, come say Hi-- I'd love to meet any of you!


Evelyn said...

I hope u have a blast @ imats,(tho I'm sure u will!!) I so wish I was going but its kinda a ways away from nyc. Time form work and kids just won't allow... hopefully u and pertilude, xsparkage n every1 else get a chance 2 take tons of pics n share!!

cjayyyy said...

I hope to see you there! Which day are you going?