Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Kate Gene said...

Hey, Suzy!

Thank you for giving us a forum to bug you with our many questions. LOL!

BTW, I nominated you for another award on my blog.

Kate Gene :)

Kirstie said...

i have a question. what eyeshadow colors would you use for someone who has blue green eyes? and what color combo's would you use? i've been trying to figure that out. i'm trying to find a color(s) that make my eyes stand out/ show up more

Rocher Rocher said...
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Rocher Rocher said...

hey girl, u r so talented and love the way u blend make up... Since mac is way too expensive fr me, I use otha products which r a lil easy on my pocket. I have big deep dark brown eyes ... could u suggest eye make up thats easy to wear since I usually rush outta the house, and which doesnt look heavy on my eyes fr an everyday look... would be great if I could play with colours on an everyday basis

thnx a ton in advance
happy valentine's

Tiffany Limos said...

I am a fan!

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award on my blog :) "The sweet blogger award" x


Heather said...

can you do a sunny snsd run devil run thing THNK IF U DO HEATHER