Friday, May 21, 2010

Video tutorial: Glitter Green Sugarpill! makeup tutorial

Hi guys!!

Wow talk about LONG TIME NO SEE OR TALK!! (Unless you follow me on TWITTER I'm back with a fun/bright tutorial for you guys using Sugarpill Cosmetics. I am currently in the process of moving apartments, but once I do I will DEFINITELY get back to posting how I used to when I first started!

Anywhoo, I hope you like the look! On to the pictures...


MAC's "Pharoah" paint pot (limited edition)
Sugarpill Cosmetics "Sweetheart" palette
-"Midori" e/s (green)
-"Afterparty" e/s (blue)
-"Dollipop" e/s (pink)
Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics (OCC) loose e/s in "Spectral"
MAC's "Shroom" e/s
Urban Decay's 24/7 e/l in "Electric"
Sugarpill's "Lumi" loose pigment
Sugarpill's "Magpie" loose pigment
MAC's "Blue Peep" fluidline (discontinued)
MAC's "Divine Lime" glitter liner (limited edition)

Hope you guys like it!



minialagnu said...

Love this look! Wonderful!

Princess Michelle said...

This is SO HOT! I love the color combo. Absolutely amazing

elugotdavis said...

I left this message on an old tutorial but I think it would be easier to get you here on something more current. I am trying to join some of your many sites, and let me tell you... I NEVER join sites like this. I have my email and thats it. I don't do facebook, twitter, myspace or any of that so this is a big compliment to you because you do such a great job. I do make up on the side and I have most people asking me about eyeliner and eyelash application which you usually leave out. Could you include that portion in the future perhaps?
Also, a lot of the girls I do ask me about leopard print. They are usually going to prom or something big and I was wondering if you ever took a stab at that and if not, could you. I live in SF so I wish I could of met you while you were here, you seem really sweet and down to earth. Thanks!

azzzra said...

cute blog!
I opened a make up blog too, I hope you'll be one of my followers!


Jonna said...

Wow I love this look.. The colour combo is amazing! x