Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eyelashes Haul, FOTD, & Future Haul: MUFE HD Foundation

Hey guys! So today I went lash crazy & bought a grip of lashes at a store in my city... I'm too lazy to take a nice picture with my camera... (lol sorry) so here is the picture I tweeted via my cellphone in the car lol.

Talk about a supa supa lash haul! haha... I got 10 total.

After that, I headed over to Sephora because one of my friends Javy (check out her beauty blog, she posts swatches, reviews, etc etc) bought the wrong MUFE shade... and so I wanted to see what shade I was, so I could just buy it off her. Unfortunately the shade was waay too dark for me (the shade she was gonna sell me was #153.) The good thing is... or well, this actually is bad (for my wallet that is lol), I am STILL debating on getting MUFE HD foundation! I'm thinking about forking over the 40 dolla dolla billz for it because I like how it went on. Very light feeling indeed! My closest matches were #127 & #140... I ended up deciding that #127 is the match for me. =D

FYI: I started writing this blog hours ago... and after talking to Josh & Leesha about it again... I'm definitely going to use my Sephora giftcards towards the foundation. Josh (and now Javy too) really made me want to get the primer also... BUTTTT! I'm just gonna hold out on that because 1) I don't really need it & 2) I have 3 other primers I haven't even finished. lol I really REALLY need to have a sale because I have SOOOOO much MAC that I don't ever touch! It's pretty ridiculous. lol

Gosh I went to bed w/o publishing this. haha. Anyway, on to the look I had on (only the eyes cuz the pictures of my whole face came out blahzay. =P)

/ suzy


javy said...

awww thanks for the shoutout lovey, lol im gonna go return the 153 to sephora tomorrow and pick up their concealer palette, the one leesha and makeupgeek have, i hope it works well :) anyways gorgeous look, cant wait to see the tutorial <3
p.s- shipping the glitter out tomorrow morning

Anonymous said...

Haha I'm gonna be mean and say get the HD primer too!! :P I love it under my MUFE HD foundation. Makes my skin look more flawless than it actually is. :D

What shade are you in the HD foundation? I'm currently using #140.

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

javy- hahah i was checking out that palette too.. i picked it up... sighed... then i sighed, and put it back down.

fie- OOPS! i thought i wrote that on there! i'm #127! can you tell a significant difference between wearing the primer underneath & not wearing it? which one did you get?

Makeup Mama said...

I LOVE RED CHERRY LASHES!! Actually I just ordered 12 of them off ebay over the weekend and seeing your post, I'm so stoked to get them :) Wish there was a store near me that sold them...

A. Rose said...

whoa that's a lot of falsies! i admire your willpower for not getting the primer you wanted...i need to work on that. haha. and i love your eye makeup! gorgeous! thanks for sharing! :)

makeupgirl224 said...

Love the makeup!!!

Anonymous said...

Suzy- Somewhat. I feel like the foundation goes on smoother when I put on the foundation. But I suppose you can use other primers for that.

I'm using the white one in #5. They have another white one which I think is #1, not sure.

Anonymous said...

thats funny because i use the MUFE HD foundation, & im # 153! lol...and i also use the primer & setting powder, they work great together!