Saturday, February 14, 2009

Upcoming videos; opinions/ideas please! =)

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I hope your Valentine's Day is going great... as for me, well-- you can see that I am blogging... sooo yeah. haha. ;)

Anyway, I'm trying to think of ideas for new videos, SOOOO if any of you have something you think I could pull inspiration from for looks, shoot me a comment with a link to a pictures, or just tell me your ideas!

I'm especially looking for inspiration for nail art, if you know of any places that has awesome nail are designs, show me! Sometimes it's easier for me to try to recreate things rather than just thinking them up myself.

I'm debating on whether uploading videos about hauls or just writing about them on here. What do you guys think? I guess maybe I could show things that I got, then write in detail about them on here for a review and what not?

Sooo these are potential ideas I wanna do/interested in doing for videos (besides doing the regular makeup tutorials)...

- more nail tuts
- talk about asian eyes; illusion of a bigger crease/eyefold
- something with skin, products I like right now? I dunno
- reviews
- hauls
(this could probably go under the haul category)

Hmm... this post was just a ramble type blog... hahah sorry.

So everyone reading out there.... please give some input if you can! Links, suggestions, (the more specific, the better ;D), whatever's on your mind.. even if it is just to say hi!

BTW, just to let you guys know, I read all the comments (even though I don't always reply back)!! I HATE that blogspot doesn't notify whoever I reply to (unless you manually click notify me of future comments or w/e it says). I kinda don't like clicking the notify thing b/c then you get everyone else's comment sent to you, but then what if they reply to you? hahah.

QUESTION: Do you guys click the notify option (to know when someone comments after you), or do you just manually check back later?

Okay, I think that's it for this entry. Hope you guys are having a great weekend, love you all!

xoxo /suzy


blu3 said...

i think a really cool one to do would be something like a 5 minute, or 10 minute look for people who are rushing off to work or school [i know i do, and sometimes 10min is all i have to get ready].

reviews are always great videos, especially when it comes to things people don't think about it like mosturizers, primers, powder vs liquid foundation. drug store cosmetics vs dept store cosmetics

Anonymous said...

could you do a zebra nail tut.??

Rai said...

Arabic inspired eye makeup would be nice.
And maybe ... uhh 3-d nail tutorial.

I usually check back manually for replies.
If you do choose the email notify, make sure
it's an email you don't use too often. lol

javy said...

i love haul and review videos, post those lol

jackieg02 said...

I love haul videos!

I don't check the notify back thing. I check back later, if I left a comment.

Anonymous said...


I'd love to see a tutorial on this Hilary Duff look:

Or a recreation of this gorgeous look (the first one):

Also, I second Javy! Haul videos makes my day. :D

p/s: I usually just check back on comments.

<3 Fie


hey girl! love haul videos and ones that help build a crease into asian eyes. i have no natural crease so that would be a great video to do. if you have time suzy please check out my blog and lemme know what you think!


Rai said...

Oh could you re-create this

(the arabic look)

Mama Laura said...

Animal print nails... You have tiger stripe right? That's very similar to zebra considering someone would just have to switch the colors. What about leopard print?

Maybe a cut-crease tutorial for Asian eyes?

A video essential items to have for nail care.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, so maybe a couple of green looks... One really dramatic or bright, maybe with some glitter or something. And then one pretty subtle and light for those who keep it low key. Nail tutorials for the "holiday" would also be fun. Maybe some sort of pot of gold on the nails, or a 4 leaf clover?

Generally, holiday themed things seem to be popular. Easter egg nails. Pastel makeup.

Your thoughts on paint pots vs shade sticks vs paints.

A bunch of ideas, I know. Sorry if I went overboard lol.

(Oh, and I check back on my own for follow up comments)

blu3 said...

a couple more video ideas:

i guess this goes more into the reviews category, but could you do one on something like your top 10 picks for pigments, eyeshadow, lipsticks, glosses, or makeup brushes.

as far as looks, maybe you can do a rainbow set. not a rainbow look, but more of looks that consist of each color of the maybe a red one, orange one, yellow one, and so on.

btw, if you click that notify thing, you get e-mails everytime someone post a comment, not just when a reply is made to your comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you have facebook, but there's this group called "My Nails R Bangin" or something like that that has a lot of pictures of nail-art.

I'd love to know what is your top 1-3 MAC eyebrushes.

AKA Mylilfe said...

- talk about asian eyes; illusion of a bigger crease/eyefold

I would Love to hear your thoughts on that! =)

Stacy said...

I agree with blu3:

Favorite Ppigments, brushes, etc and then a quick 10 minute look.

I check the box if I leave a comment.

And I tried the UDPP. I LOVE it. I had it on from noon yesterday until 1 in the morning and absolutely NO creasing. I got one of the UD eyeshadow palettes and the colors are great. Thanks for the suggestion!

jessag said...

I LOVE haul videos and product reviews. also maybe a "monthly faves" type of video

audgepodge said...

Hey Suzy... I agree, I love haul and favorites video. I also would love tutorials for asian eyes... I guess a look I tried made me eyes look small.

Love your work, by the way!

Oh - and I usually manually check back for responses.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i run out of ideas too :(

blu3 said...

btw, i know this is off topic, but i figured it was helpful for the sale you may do. this site is really easy to use, and its FREE:

celie said...

Hi girl =)

I think that I would be great if you do a makeup look for school or work (10 minutes) because I love your creations but I can't wear everyday when I am in university LOL.
And what products, do you use for your eyebrows because I LOVE them !!

Oh and for the reviews and hauls, can you just write them on your blog : it's more easy for "international people" to understand ... (yeah ... as you can see, I'm a dumb in english haha :D).

Have a great day =)
XoXo CĂ©lie (I'm french :P)

Melanie said...

can you post something about bb cream that works for tan skin? that is if you have it or something. everyone else's suggestions are good too. :]