Monday, February 2, 2009

Swatches: Beauty From The Earth (BFTE)

Hey guys! I'm here with Beauty From The Earth swatches finally! I apologize for super lagging it... I know I kept saying I'd do swatches soon after I posted my first entry about them.

These were again taken with flash, on a lighter base, and were also applied with a MAC 288 brush. These pictures don't really do the colors justice (same with my Kryolan skin swatches.)

Important notes: For these BFTE products, please also refer to my last post here so you can see how they look in the jar. For some reason, some of the colors seem a bit off.

ISIS doesn't show off as red as it really is... you can see how it really looks in the post here where I use it as my lid color.
CHOCOLATE is another one that came out kinda different too.. for some reason it's showing up with a purple tinge in the picture.. just know it doesn't look like that in person.. it looks like... well, chocolate. haha.
WHISPER is a duochrome so it was hard to try to capture the violet reflect... so just picture more pretty violet-ness in that one. =)


Chocolate, Rockstar, Isis, Antique, Heat, Dusty Rose, Crush

Seduction, Rome, Grape, Jealous, Illusion, Gem, Whisper

Hope that helped some of you!

xoxo / suzy


Anonymous said...

wowww the colors are sooo vibrant

Yas said...

Those are really nice colors babe. Hope everything is going great with you gorgeous;)

Somaly said...

hey girly. if u want any contact lens from asia. let me know.