Monday, December 29, 2008

FOTD & I went to MAC ;)

Hola mi amigos! I actually did my makeup today... my camera is dead right now so I just took a picture with my webcam... of course it looks wayyy better in person... I kinda stumbled upon the look and the crease color is actually this brown with a duochrome of a tealish/blue kinda color... it's called Velvet Lady. It's from the metallic eyes palette from the holiday collection Antiquitease. It's similiar to club, but I like this one because its super smooth (it's a VP.)

I'm thinking I might do a tutorial for it just cuz I love how the brown duochrome goes with the turquoise.... but it looks kinda similar to one I did already... or well, not really-- it's just this pic that looks like my first e/s tutorial. It's really quick/easy to do too.

In other news, I went to MAC today to get an eyeliner... the Penultimate. yeehaw. I haven't fully gotten to play around with it... but I did write my name in cursive on my hand... I should take a pic of that too... haha.

I'll probably write a mini review for it/take pix of it once I charge my camera. Anywhoo-- I think I'll stop with this entry... onto the two pix! NEW YEARS EVE IN ONE MORE DAY!




Vanessa M. said...

prety! :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

i used that duochrome color in one of my halloween looks and i was sad i neglected it for so's way better than club, ur right...i got the penultimate and loves it! so easy to use :)