Friday, December 19, 2008

Video Tutorial: Teal Eyes...

Hey guys! Finally did a video tutorial for the Teal look I have posted a few entries back... Here it is!

products used:
Big T e/s
Sea Me shadestick
Your ladyship pigment (used w/mixing medium)
Texture e/s
Carbon e/s
Shroom e/s
Viva Glam II l/s
Creme O'Spice lipliner
Wildly Lush plushglass


Yas said...

Hey mama...I need to try this look...I seriously love this one. I am just drooling over all your damn eye looks. They are all amazing. You are always hot! Damn you woman...I seriously am going to have to keep haulin & practicing. Maybe one day I will be able to do one of them. Hugs to you & happy holidays gorgeous!

javy said...

yay ive been waiting for this one!

Vanessa M. said...

beautiful! i "attempted" a look like this but w brown i got Big T cuz of you hunny! lol sounds gay but im like a fan lol
ps i love the background on the tv :)

Purpurina said...

hi I saw your videos in you tube, and this is my favorite

I think that you have an exotic beauty, you have beautiful eyes

i love make up, as you too, i also made tutorials, if you want you can visit my blog, but it is in spanish

sorry if my english is horrible, isn't my language

take care!