Thursday, December 4, 2008

Old FOTD & Youtube

Since I haven't taken any pictures of my makeup recently that I can show, posting up old FOTDs helps me not neglect this & get into the habit of posting... so here's another one! This one is from February.

otherworldly paint pot
jewel blue e/s
nocturnelle e/s
grape p/m
carbon e/s
shroom e/s
crystal e/s
moth brown e/s

prep & prime lip
2n l/s
cushy white p/g
creme o spice l/l

I think I'm gonna make a YouTube video tomorrow... I was tagged by the lovely lollipop26 to make a video about what my 6 favorite brushes are... so hopefully I won't be lazy and I'll record one... then maybe I can do a video tutorial too... but probably not. hahah we'll see.

I'm pretty much stoked because I think I can actually go to bed at a NORMAL TIME tonight... yesterday I ended up chatting with Josh (aka petrilude) until I think like 530am... he's worse than me when it comes to sleeping at bizarre hours. haha. It sucks though because for some reason my throat started to bug me this afternoon...and I can still feel it... I used an Airborne earlier... I think I'm gonna wash up, drink another one and try to sleep. Wish me luck! haha. <3>


rockSTARbeauty said...

I love the way you do your eyeshadow! and your eyebrows are off the chain, what do you use??? p.s. ur so cute! (no homo ha ha..)

mc.lizzle xx said...

Looks really good!!
Hope to see you on blogger more!
I especially like the blue look.
I cant wait to get electric eel!
Not the blue you used but STILL!!

suzyyyyy said...

rockstarbeauty: thank you-- i checked out your blog, you are pretty! i'll def follow you, i need more makeup blogger friends! =) i like using anastasia's brow wiz in medium ash and mac's brow finisher in wheat... i made a video on my youtube about what i use/how i do them if u wanna check it out... you'll see how much a difference there is when you see my eyebrows not done haha. here's the link:

mc.lizzle: thanks babe! hopefully i will do what i said i would today! i really do wanna try to post everyday regardless if it's a past look i did (which will probably be easier for me cuz im lazy hehe) electric eel is great too! it's similiar to clarity from the matte2 collection... i kind of like that one a bit more cuz the formula is a bit smoother. (=

Alyssia said...

that is so cute! i love the colors...i might try that tomorrow nite when I hit the club! lol

Anonymous said...

wow this is amazing! wish i could do makeup like that!

suzyyyyy said...

alyssia: thanks girl, let me know if you try it out, i'd love to see pix. (=
wind: im sure you could! it wasn't hard at all! i checked out your blog... you have aaaa-maaaazing skin!

Sandy said...

Hi, do you think you are going to do a tutorial for this look as well? I followed your holiday tutorial on nye and got so many compliments! :) I don't think my dumbass can do this look without a

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

hey sandy! glad the look worked out for ya! most likely ill probably do a tutorial on this if i cant think of new ones to do. =)

Sandy said...

Please do! I think this one is probably even better than the Holiday look. Also, what would you recommend using in place of the otherworldly paint pot? Mac obviously doesn't sell it anymore and it's $$$ on ebay. Thanks!

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

hey sandy...

i wouldn't know another dupe for otherworldly unfortuately...but honestly for the look, it's moreover the jewel blue giving the color... so any kind of opaque light base would do... you could even use white..that'd work great also. i hope that helped somewhat. sorry i couldn't give u any other rec's!

bbdannica86 said...

i really like the way u did ur eyeshadows. i love the colors.
i'm not good at doing make-up ,but i'm learning from ur youtube videos.