Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's about time...

So it's about time I made myself one of these... all my makeup frandzzz have one and well, it's 2:54am & I'm bored/can't sleep! haha. Not to mention it's way easier to keep track of all the blogspots I read by having one for myself anyway. This also gives me something to occupy my time when I get bored (which is frequently, like for instance now.) I get blab about my favorite things in the world so HEY, I think that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

I'm hoping I can keep this blog up and get into the habit of posting my FOTDs (I'll probably post old looks so I could keep track of those too), and post about other beauty chit chat... *crosses fingers* lol.

So here's the low down on me for my first post...

Name: Suzy
Location: sunny southern california (holler!)
Age: 24 (ugh, I'm old D:)
Ethnicity: filipinooo
Favorite makeup brands: MAC, MUFE, Kryolan, Ben Nye, Smashbox, Benefit, ahh the list goes on & on!

and here is where else you can find me:
TUMBLR (my non-beauty/random blog):


yummy411 said...

love your makeup! look forward to more ;)

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

thanks so much yummy (= hopefully i can keep it up